Interagieren Sie mit Ihren Kunden in Echtzeit und erhöhen Sie Ihren Umsatz

Ein kostenloses Chat Tool für Sie um mit Ihren Kunden auf Ihrer Website, Facebook, Telegramm oder Viber App zu chatten.

Yay! Sie haben gerade Schritt 1 abgeschlossen. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihren E-Mail eingang, wir haben Ihnen die anweisungen zugesandt. Los gehts!

Connect your Company's Email box to JivoChat

We sped up the mail, made it modern. Receive e-mail messages directly to the JivoChat app and answer them quickly and conveniently.

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Fast replies as Emails were Chats!

Emails will be sent to the JivoChat app along with chats and messages from social networks.

Reply to emails faster than your competitors

Once it's all functioning, agents will no longer need to switch between the e-mail box and the agent's app. It will all be in one place and the response time should improve dramatically.

Focus on the work with clients

On Jivo, emails come in a single stream with chats – there is no chance to miss an important letter.

No more messy mailboxes

You may choose the agents who will be responsible for emails and chats.

If you do not want to forward all messages, forward to Jivo only the necessary ones. For example, the ones to "exchanges@yourcompany.com" or "complaints@yourcompany.com"

Manage your emails as simple as chats

Your operator will be online as usual and a Email will come in.

You just have to accept the conversation and reply. As easy as chats are, your emails won't be waiting for responses anymore. Be welcome to inbox zero world!

All emails and contacts at your fingertips

No email will be lost. Email addresses are no longer scattered by mail and ticket systems, Jivo will record the client's email and automatically save it in the application.

It's easy to connect your Email to Jivo

Log into the Agent App and go to your Settings

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Please feel free to chat with us if you have any questions