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JivoChat affiliate program benefits
No website is required
In order to start earning, you only need a computer and a desire to refer new people to use JivoChat.
Bring clients using a referral link
You’ll be provided a referral link that you can use anywhere on the internet. Whoever clicks that link and signs up at JivoChat will be considered your client. You’ll also be able to manually sign up new people to your affiliate account inside your Affiliate Admin Dashboard by clicking on the "ADD CUSTOMER" button.
Promote JivoChat in a convenient way
You can create Content, Social Media, Email campaigns, Advertising Campaigns, Videos, etc. Everything you do to promote your own business, you can do to promote JivoChat. The only difference is that you are working with a finished product.
We provide marketing materials
You’ll have access to a variety of resources inside your Affiliate Dashboard: several screenshots of the product, a sales presentation, banners, and more.
Take an extra benefits as a partner
You can get JivoChat for free for several months, discounts to offer to your friends and clients, new features announcements before anyone. You’ll also be able to join our Whatsapp and Facebook Affiliate groups for discussion and news.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get paid?
All of our partners are paid through Paypal, no exceptions. So if you don’t have an account at Paypal yet and want to be part of our Partnership Program, you can easily create an account in 5 seconds at paypal.com.
How does the recurring commissions work?
With JivoChat’s Affiliate Program, you get paid every single time a customer you recommended JivoChat to pays for the PRO version of our software. If you sign up ONE customer and that customer pays $100 every month to JivoChat, you’ll get $30 every month. So, it’s literally 30% of everything that the people that signed up through you (as an affiliate) pay to JivoChat, forever. That’s why we have the best Affiliate Program in the world 🤓
Are there any taxes debited from my commissions?
It depends. You’ll only have to worry about taxes when you’re reporting your tax information to your country of residence. When you need to do taxes, you can find every transaction and invoice saved on Paypal's transaction records.
Are there any advertisement rules?
There are detailed advertisement rules located inside the Affiliate Dashboard after signing up.
Do I have access to my clients' data?
Yes, you do! Inside your affiliate dashboard you’ll be able to see your customers’ history of purchases, demo, and sign up date. You can even click a button to ask for permission to login to their customer’s admin panel without any password, but they’ll have to agree with your request to allow it.
Where can I read the full Affiliate Agreement?
You can check the Affiliate contract by clicking here
Do I receive commissions for the Telephony and Callback refill made by my client?
Yes, you receive 10% of the total amount of credits paid by your clients on the Telephony and Callback features and 3% when they refill their calls balance, in recurring payments.
Contact your own affiliate manager
You have an Affiliate Manager to always be there for you. You can schedule a call, use the chat, use the Affiliates groups or even communicate via email.
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