How to install the chat code on Prestashop

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Method 1: Installation using the module

Before you begin, you need to download the module from this link.

Then, go to your PrestaShop admin panel and navigate to the Modules section.

Modules -> Add a new module.

Choose the downloaded JivoChat file and click “Upload this module”.

Find the uploaded JivoChat module in your list of modules, and click “Install”.

Next, open the JivoChat module configuration and connect your JivoChat account.

Make sure to save the settings by clicking “Update (Save)”, and you’re done!

Method 2: Installation with ftp access

You can connect JivoChat to your site through its source files, using an ftp-client.

Navigate to: Main Folder/Themes/Your site template/footer.tpl

Open the footer.tpl file and paste the JivoChat code before the </body> tag.

Make sure to save the settings, and you’re done!

The JivoChat code is available in the JivoChat app, in the Installation section: Manage -> Channels -> Settings -> Installation.

Note: If you have some trouble after installation, try installing the JivoChat code in the header.tpl file as well, before the </head> tag, and save the settings.

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24x7 in the chat on our site.