Integration with Ploomes

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This integration allows you to generate a new Client in Ploomes from finished chats in JivoChat. It saves contact data and chat logs with each generated client.

Method 1: Integration through Jivochat app

To integrate Ploomes, open your JivoChat application and go to Manage > Extensions > Integrations, and in 'CRM and other systems', search for Ploomes:

After that, the connection page will open and you will need to fill in the following fields:

1.Access token: To generate an access token, go to your Ploomes panel and access the menu Administration -> Integration Users.

Click to add a "New user".

Insert a name, e-mail and choose the profile of the user (we recommend selecting the option Administrator). After that, click on "Create user" and confirm the new user creation.

Confirm if the new user is activated and click on top of it to open the settings.

Copy the API key from the new user settings and paste it in the "Access token" field on your JivoChat app.

2.Integration name. The name that will be displayed in the list of connected integrations. Any name will suffice.

3.Select channels for this integration. Click to open the list of available channels and select the ones to enable this integration.

Hit the Connect button and you are all set.

Done! The integration will be connected and you will receive data from JivoChat into your CRM. After connecting, the integration will appear in the "Connected integrations" list, where you can change its settings and view the event logs.

Method 2: Integration through the Ploomes panel and Webhooks in JivoChat

The integration of JivoChat with Ploomes allows all conversations carried out through JivoChat, when completed, to become customers, deals or leads (potential customers) in the CRM. Furthermore, it is possible to choose in which funnel and stage each deal will be created. Note that, using this method, conversation histories are not sent to Ploomes. Only user data and other custom fields mentioned in the steps below are sent to Ploomes.

To integrate JivoChat with your Ploomes CRM, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Administration section in your Ploomes app and click on Plug-and-Play Integrations:

Then, search and select the "Jivo" option.

Click "Enable integration".

  1. Choose the behavior of this integration, which should occur as soon as the chat is closed.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Create Company, Person and Business;
  • Create Lead;
  • Create a Person and Business;
  • Create only Company and Person.

In the first option, for example, in addition to a new customer being registered, a business will also be created.

If there is already an equivalent customer registered in your Ploomes, the integration will not duplicate the registration in your customer base, that is, it will recognize its existence and only create the business.

You must choose in which funnel and stage this business will be created, in addition to having the option to avoid duplication in business creation, that is, if you end two conversations with the same person, Ploomes will not create a second business.

In the second option, the integration will create a lead that can be worked on later within the CRM until it becomes a customer.

The third option will create the Person and the Business and, finally, the last option allows only the customer to be created in Ploomes.

  1. You can also map standard JivoChat fields with Ploomes fields, as shown in the example below:

This way, this detailed information will be brought from JivoChat to Ploomes and will form the history of this business!

  1. After finishing, click on "Activate integration" at the bottom of the screen and copy the URL that will be generated.

  1. Access your JivoChat web app, or any of our Desktop apps, and click Settings -> Channels -> Settings for the desired channel.

  1. In the menu on the left, click on "Integration Settings for Developers", turn on the "Enable Webhooks" option and paste the generated URL into the "URL for Webhooks" field.

Ready! The integration is complete. Now, whenever a conversation is closed in JivoChat, the chosen behavior will manifest itself in Ploomes!

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